The story behind BP MELANIN RICH

BP MELANIN RICH was founded by a small occurrence from the past, whereby years later the owner put the occurrence into her creativity.

A separate story… Her five-year-old sister (around that time) was bullied in group 3 at primary school, because she was light in color, but has a large dark spot on her face. They thought it was strange, a light-colored girl with a dark spot that looks like Africa on her face. She sat on the stairs crying, thinking that she is not beautiful with her stain. The situation has affected the owner so much, that she secretly cried when her sister calmed down. Her little sister, so small and had to be bullied, because she has a super nice stain on her face that just made her special, beautiful and unique?

“BP MELANIN RICH stands for everyone. Black, white, blue, purple. I want to give not only my sister, but also others the power! BP MELANIN RICH stands for; stories, strength and pride. Feel that with me. My brand is close to me, close to my people and close to many. It’s not only the design. It is the power behind the design

The owner of BP MELANIN RICH is Britteney Riedewald, a young proud dark girl. She started making her designs when she was 15 years old.

She was born in Paramaribo, Suriname and in 2001 she moved to the Netherlands. In 2010 she became chronically ill, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. But of course she can still do a lot, so processing her passion for her brand is no problem!

Would you like to know more about her brand? Then read on…


BP MELANIN RICH is an Almere- based fashion and lifestyle brand established in Ⓒ 2016.

  • BP stands for Britje Pitje, the nickname of the owner of BP MELANIN RICH. The two letters are also seen as ‘Be Proud’
  • MELANIN stands for pigment
  • RICH stands for rich

Pigment rich (which gives your skin a tan).